Dental Insurance- Make Sure You Use It Before You Lose It.

Dental Insurance- Make Sure You Use It Before You Lose It.

We are approaching that time of the year again!  If you are one of those fortunate folks who have dental insurance, your dental insurance plan may be expiring soon.   Most dental insurance plans run from 1 January to 31 December.   This means if you do not use your dental benefits by 31 December 2023, you will lose them for this year.  

Your dental health is not only very important in keeping your gums and teeth healthy but is also an integral part of your overall health and is important in your overall health, well being and happiness.   Being able to pay for a part of your dental treatment from your insurance is a definite advantage, but you may lose it by the end of the year if you do not use it.   Whether the dental insurance plan has been provided to you by your employer or you have purchased your own dental insurance plan, it has come from your hard-earned money.    This is the right time to have a look at your dental insurance plan and see what unused coverage you have available and what your dental needs are.   You could then call Grandview Dental Clinic to set up an appointment.   We accept most dental insurance plans such as Greenshield, Sun Life, Manulife, ClaimSecure, Canada Life, Blue Cross etc.   If there is any doubt in understanding what your plan covers, we are there to help.  

Our dental treatment is based on your dental needs.   It is helpful to have insurance coverage (whether it is full or partial), for those dental requirements.    It is also important not to procrastinate at this stage.  We will soon be getting into the busy holiday season which is the time for shopping, meeting relatives and attending or organising parties or get togethers.   The holiday season is often a very busy time of the year when many people find it difficult to take time off for their dental needs.   It is also a time when dental clinics get very busy and then close for the holidays.  The time to use your remaining insurance to take care of your dental needs is now.  

Grandview Dental Clinic comprises of two-family dental clinics located in Oshawa and Scarborough. We treat each patient with respect, kindness and understanding while delivering results that last. Both locations are equipped with state-of-the-art dental technology and supported by a professional dental team. The dental clinics provide excellent dental care to the patients in a comfortable and relaxed environment. 

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