Invisalign Or
Clear Aligners

Invisalign Or Clear Aligners
In Scarborough And Oshawa

What Are Clear Aligners?

Clear aligners or Invisalign are plastic-based transparent, flexible, and easy to wear devices. Our clear aligners  in Scarborough and Oshawa aims to straighten and align your teeth conveniently than other teeth straightening devices or treatments.

Why Choose Clear Aligners In Scarborough And Oshawa Over Its Alternatives?

Clear aligners are very popular these days. The reason is, it overcomes the demerits of other alternatives of teeth straightening treatment in Scarborough and Oshawa. Some other alternatives of teeth straitening are:

  • Braces– Braces are metal wires stranded with an elastic that binds teeth in set alignment. Metal braces were used as a traditional approach for teeth straightening, but it gives a painful experience. In addition, wearing traditional braces every day to work may make you conscious of smiling publicly.


  • Bridges– Bridges are a set of teeth fixed on dental caps to fill gaps in teeth. It is also recommended for reconciling uneven gaps and teeth straightening. But, to address fewer teeth gaps, surgeons suggest teeth removal for better fixation of bridges, requiring surgery.


  • Surgery– Dental surgery is an invasive measure to solve various dental problems. The dentist may indicate a surgery for improvising dental alignment along with other dental problems. On the contrary, aligners give phenomenal results in teeth straightening.


Clear aligners offer many benefits that other alternatives do not offer, for example.

  • These are transparent in appearance and thus gives the confidence to smile naturally in public.
  • These are easy to wear and remove and hence compatible with daily lifestyle.
  • These are very convenient and lesser painful. Typically, wearing traditional for more than twenty hours a day is painful to experience.
  • It is flexible and easily adjusts with teeth’ shape, straightening and aligning them gradually.

Why Choose Clear Aligners In Scarborough And Oshawa Over Its Alternatives?

We at Grandview dental clinic have an experienced and expert team of dentists working in sync with other dental specialists to give you a perfect dental solution. We follow a systematic approach to give you a holistic dental solution. We plan surgeries and other dental procedures based on diagnostic scans of the mouth to give you the best possible solution.

Our experts explain the after-care of treatment to prevent any dental damage, also increasing the shelf-life of devices. Hence, we schedule post-treatment appointments to observe and monitor expected dental changes. Our dentist takes prior scans and provides the best quality devices such as clear aligners, bridges, tooth caps, etc., that are sustainable and camouflages with a natural dental appearance.

Still, people ask some questions about Invisalign, and we are glad to answer them. Here are they


Invisalign treatment provides a better alignment and uniform, straight teeth that enhance overall facial appearance. People prefer Invisalign over tradational braces because these are the latest dental teeth straightening inventions that are transparent, easy to wear, and compatible with daily lifestyle.

These aligners are transparent and flexible, which easily conform to teeth’ shape. Hence, they give you the confidence to wear them comfortably anywhere.
Yes, these are better and innovative braces replacement of the traditional metal braces. However, you will need to visit our dentist to properly replace a customized and best fit aligner for your teeth.
Seeking Invisalig invisible braces treatment in Scarborough and Oshawa can be a life-changing decision because, without any surgery or tooth ejection, aligners straighten teeth alignment naturally over time.
We provide a different range of aligners, so the cost depends on their quality and size. However, aligners may not be for everyone, and sometimes our dentist may advise Invisalign after orthodontic treatment., which further adds to treatment cost.

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