Everything You Should Know About the Root Canal Treatment

Everything You Should Know About the Root Canal Treatment

The root canal treatment is also known as endodontic therapy. The procedure has emerged as an effective and safe solution to treat an infected tooth. The dental procedure has gained in popularity because you do not have to lose your natural tooth, do not require an artificial tooth, there are no problems with the jaw bone, and there are no alignment problems.

A root canal treatment is a highly skilled dental procedure which requires an experienced and reputed dentist. As one of the leading dental clinics offering root canal treatment in Scarborough and Oshawa, our team would like to shed some light on this topic.

As a patient, it is vital for you to know what exactly is a root canal procedure and what you should expect from the same.

What is a root canal treatment?

The procedure to eliminate dead and infected pulp from the tooth is known as a root canal treatment. The root canal system is the space between the hard layers of the tooth. The root canal system consists of a soft dental pulp made of blood vessels and nerves that aid the growth and development of your tooth.

Due to various factors, bacteria may enter your tooth via cavities, inappropriate fillings, or cracks which leads to your tooth becoming abscessed. When your tooth is abscessed, there is an infection in the pulp which needs to be removed at the earliest. An abscessed tooth could cause severe pain and swelling which requires immediate dental treatment. If the abscessed tooth is left untreated, it could eventually cause complications in the future.

How is the root canal treatment carried out?

We will discuss the different steps involved in the root canal procedure in this section.

1. The procedure starts after your dentist gives you local anesthesia so that you do not feel uneasy during the process.

2. A rubber dam is placed around the tooth that is being treated to avoid bacterial interference at the time of the treatment.

3. Your dentist will then carefully make a passage to the tooth to reach the damaged pulp in the root canal system.

4. With the use of advanced dental instruments, the pulp is carefully removed by thoroughly cleaning the root canal system.

5. After the canal is cleaned with precision, it is filled and sealed.

6. The opening in the tooth is sealed with a temporary or a permanent filling.

Tooth restoration after a root canal

After the root canal treatment is complete, the tooth will require a filling or a post and filling. Generally a crown is recommended after a root canal treatment to prevent further fracture of the tooth.

Is the procedure painful?

As you will be given anesthesia before the treatment, it is highly unlikely you will feel any pain during the procedure. However, after the process, you might feel your tooth is tender for a couple of weeks. Contact your dentist immediately if you experience any pain or swelling.

It is important to note that root canal treatment will not offer protection from other forms of tooth damage.

How many sittings are required for the procedure to complete?

The root canal treatment can be completed in 1 to 2 sittings depending on the complexity of the case.

The root canal procedure has rightly emerged as one of the best dental treatments to save an infected tooth. At Grandview Dental Clinic our efforts focus on providing the best and affordable dental procedures.

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