Cavities, Fillings & Sealants

Cavity formation

A cavity is formed when the bacteria build up from the plaque on your teeth get to feed on sugars and starches from the food you eat. The resulting acids eat away at the enamel of your tooth and thus create a cavity on the weakened tooth structure.

An untreated cavity can lead to more serious health issues.

Cavities can be prevented by remembering to brush at least twice a day and floss at least once.

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A filling is a material that is placed in your tooth after the cavity is cleaned. It may be composite, gold , amalgam or ceramic. Talk to your dentist regarding which filling is best for you.

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A sealant is a filling material of thin consistency that may be recommended for your child. It is usually recommended when the permanent teeth with very deep grooves are considered at risk of developing a cavity. This usually does not require freezing. The dentist will clean your child’s tooth, prepare it for the sealant and seal the grooves. Your dentist may recommend regular checkups to monitor the sealants.

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