Emergency Information

We endeavour to treat your emergencies the same day. Please call the office at 9052407744. We are open six days a week and open evenings and weekends to serve you. If you have a severe emergency and the office is closed, please visit a hospital.

Chipped front teeth

If your front tooth is chipped after a fall, please visit a hospital for emergency treatment if there is a loss of consciousness or any facial injuries. After this is taken care of you should visit the dentist at the earliest, depending on the extent of injury your dentist may smooth/ build up your tooth. Some x-rays may be taken and you may be asked to follow up in 2 weeks.

Knocked out permanent tooth

Try and locate it, holding it by the crown and not disturbing the root as much as possible. Gently rinse with water if gross debris noted and replace in socket. If unable to do so, bring tooth in milk or salt water in a cup. See your dentist immediately.


Clean the area as much as possible with warm salt water. If suitable, take an analgesic (Tylenol). If there is facial swelling that makes jaw opening difficult, try and visit the dentist immediately. If, however, you experience difficulty in breathing and diffuse neck swelling, visit a hospital immediately.

Bleeding after extraction

Be sure to inform the dentist of any medical ailments you may suffer from especially any bleeding disorders, blood thinners or advanced liver disease.

After extraction, make sure you don’t spit or rinse, suck on a straw or smoke. If you have bleeding after extraction, place a gauze or tea bag on the area with pressure for 10 minutes and swallow your saliva. If bleeding persists, you may need to see your dentist.